5. Why Is It Important To Seek Client Agreement Before Providing Services

This part of your contract is not just for your client. There may be times when you have to move away from a project, and with a termination contract, the whole process will be much smoother. Customer disputes are costly, time-consuming and disrupt your business. However, many differences of opinion can be resolved directly through negotiation or mediation with the other party. It is therefore important that you include, step by step, a clear dispute resolution process in your agreement to ensure that disputes are resolved quickly and at no unnecessary cost. Having these measures can also have the added benefit of repairing and maintaining the relationship with your customers. We also recommend that you do not use the "One Size fits all" contract templates you might find. While they may be useful as a starting point, these documents often contain irrelevant or inappropriate terms that are not appropriate for your customer agreement. Not only will this not reflect your client`s perception, but he may also be exposed to undesirable risks and responsibilities in the absence of essential provisions in the agreement. When it comes to legal protection, the more detailed your project, the better. If you don`t explicitly know what you`re going to do for your client and what you won`t do, then it can be difficult if a customer says you haven`t delivered everything that`s been promised.

Our friendly team will also provide you with some general advice on service contracts. Just call us on 1300 333 700 or leave your data here and we will contact you. If you operate a creative company that provides customer services and wishes to introduce a customer service contract for your business, or if you would like to verify your existing customer service contract, please contact us on 03 9521 2128 or email us at hello@studiolegal.com.au. This blog post does not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. This is a general comment on issues that may be of interest to you. Formal legal or expert advice should be sought before relying on all the issues raised by this communication. TIP: Be aware that most contracts will have an impact on the goods and services tax. On the other hand, you would not want to add anything to your agreement that you do not fully understand. If your services do not comply with consumer guarantees, the consumer may be entitled to a number of remedies, including refunds and compensation for consecutive damages and damages. Under the Australian Consumer Law, a company can limit its responsibility for providing services to a consumer (excluding services used for personal, domestic or private use) to: With professional billing, you can simplify your business finances while creating trust in your customers.