Qwant Censorship Agreement

We should therefore consider this as a pro-censorship engine. What are Qwant`s other features? It can search for images, messages, videos (only YouTube), purchases (no results?), social pages (Twitter only) and music in addition to the regular web. The JavaScript version is slow and breaks Pale Moon sometimes, but there`s also one without JS (even if you miss the handy instant answers). August 2020 Update: Now displays zero results, so the only option is the JS. Has a privacy-friendly card feature! Unfortunately, no Anonymous View a`la StartPage or a Tor domain. And – even if my tests did not allow me to establish censorship – they confirm that the withdrawal of certain results is possible: what is the verdict? Great, when the policy of ambiguous privacy (trying to resume the best intentions here…), more often often with its own index and not required JavaScript are positive points. The nature of missing search results (at least in other categories), no proxy or tor, and potential censorship are negatives. I would avoid it in principle only because of the latter, but the positives (which cannot be found anywhere else except Mojeek, whose index and privacy are both much weaker) might overweight him for some. The most important is that blocking anonymization and research that does not pass, Qwant is not worth it. Despite the low search results – this engine deserves consideration to be the only one with its own index that even remotely deals with your privacy. Another point in its favor is that JavaScript is absolutely not necessary, even for images. I used to lay off Mojeek because I thought they would call you for any research they didn`t like, but I may have reacted about a cp-only policy that was deleted anyway. Mojeek still prohibits queries for CP and cp sites cannot be found in its index (which any other engine does anyway – in addition to much more interference/censorship).

Overall, we finally have an independent search engine that is relatively private and does not censor alternative content. So it seems that, at least – you`re pretty much immune to the curious eyes of the government. The other problem with StartPage are the absolutely horrible search results. This is because Google is running a massive campaign of censorship (archive) that degrades all alternative or conspiracy content. This means that you even get results that are not at all related to your query – and I`ve confirmed them through testing. Try to do something like "was the wrong Shot of Christchurch" and you`ll see what I mean. Then compare with Qwant or DDG. I did this for many other queries that would lead to displaying alternative or conspiracy sites (if the search engine was honest, that is), but instead I showed irrelevant waste.

Also, just like Google, it does not support other means, apart from web search and images. StartPage works perfectly with the JavaScript disabled and has the convenient "Anonymous View" feature that allows you to visit returned websites without disclosing yourself to them (but many features are disabled). – There is a "install qwant" button in the right upper hand of the screen.