Rics Reciprocal Agreement

There are many ways to qualify as RICS if you live outside the UK. It depends on the type of academic qualifications and experience you have, which route works best for you. In some cases, RICS has direct membership agreements with certain professional organizations. This allows professionals of a certain level to join RICS without assessment or continuing education. Professional organisations that have direct membership agreements are: "The agreement is the result of a long series of meetings and discussions between members and staff, and will provide a solid platform for future cooperation. Both institutions have many opportunities for knowledge exchange and capacity building in rapidly developing areas and exciting new areas, such as building information modeling. Institutions are highly distinguished by their size, but they have a common interest in promoting the profession of imzorsion workers. RICS has members who cover a wide range of surveying specialties, while CIEM has members who work specifically in the field of commercial management and geotechnical engineering projects. The Memorandum of Understanding will establish closer links between the CIEM and the Geomatik and QS-Construction sections within the RICS. CIEM and RICS are already working closely together in global organizations such as the International Investigators Federation (FIG) and the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC).

Bill Pryke, CEO of CIEM, said: "It is the recognition of our individual strengths that makes this agreement so rewarding. RicS salutes for the first time the unique know-how and expertise of CIEM members in the field of civil engineering and ICEM to pay tribute to RICS` unique know-how, knowledge and expertise in the areas of land, property and the built environment. The agreement was welcomed by the Construction Industry Council (CIC), which brings together the two institutions. Graham Watts, CEO of CIC, said, "CIC believes that the agreement brings clarity to the common role of the two institutions, and this will benefit industry and public opinion as a whole." The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors has reciprocal rights with RICS. RICS members must work for one year in Hong Kong and can then apply to join HKIS. As a general rule, no local license is required, but there are a number of licenses required to practice in certain parts of the profession such as property management and real estate. www.britishconsulate.org.hk. In addition, qualified RICS members could now be registered as professional surveyors at SACQSP. Alan Barrow said: "This historic agreement builds on the unique knowledge and expertise that each organization represents in different areas of surveying.

It sets aside decades of friendly rivalry and creates a framework for progress through true collaboration and joint initiatives within the engineering community. Therefore, in addition to the business license fee, an office must be rented and an agreement must be reached with a local partner/sponsor. These requirements may vary from emirate to emirate, since each has its own laws in addition to the federal law of the United Arab Emirates. www.britain-uae.org. The institution has entered into a landmark agreement with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The presidents of both institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding recognizing the importance of helping the surveying profession in the UK and abroad. For the first time, these two main surveying institutes salute their different disciplines and support each other in respect for their royal actions in order to instil excellence in the profession.