Apuc Agreement

APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges) Limited is the purchasing centre for all Scottish universities and universities, originally established in response to the McClelland: Review of Public Procurement in Scotland report, which contains recommendations for public procurement reform. APUC`s central vision is: "Maximising the value of Scottish investment in continuing education and higher education by working with institutions to support and enable sustainable innovation in the provision and optimisation of common services". For more information about the APUC, see www.apuc-scot.ac.uk/. The agreement is open to members of Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC Ltd) and other UK procurement consortia, as outlined below. This is a multi-supplier framework contract. Subcontracting is not a significant part of the total expected expenses. The agreement is also open to members of the Scottish Consortia of University Research Libraries (SCURL): this first two-year framework agreement does not apply exclusively to Scottish institutions and can be used by members of other UK regional purchasing federations of the HE and FE. This Framework Agreement is made available to full and associate members and future members of the United Kingdom regional procurement consortia for higher education institutions as follows: the framework for library management systems and related services for universities and higher education institutions in Scotland, including the provision of all software and all related licences. Possible services include, among others, system implementation, migration assistance, support and maintenance, hosting. The necessary solutions should be able to work effectively in environments with multiple campuses. The framework agreement shall comprise:.

A summary of the expected Community benefits was provided as follows: two additional 12-month periods at the sole discretion of the Authority. For Lot 1, library management systems and associated services, a maximum of 6 suppliers can be ordered. Below is a list of currently successful suppliers for this contract. You can manage all subcontractors for a particular supplier by clicking the View Subcontractors link. . – Employer liability insurance (compulsory) GBP 5 Million, Below you will find information on successful suppliers for this contract….