General Collective Agreement For Finnish Universities

For more information on the remuneration system of the general collective agreement for higher education institutions (Chapter 6, remuneration system for higher education institutions and annexes to the remuneration system for higher education institutions from page 88). We invest in the well-being of our staff by offering occupational medicine prevention services and general medical care. All employees of the University of Helsinki are also insured against work-related travel and accidents. 22§ 6 Working time equivalent In addition to the provisions of section 7 of the Annual Leave Act 17, all days for which the employer has paid wages or compensation for loss of wages (trade union training, staff training, leave instead of vacation pay, leave instead of overtime compensation, leisure working time bank, etc.) are considered to be treated as work. Note: An absence due to an accident at work or an occupational disease is considered equal to working time for the purpose of calculating the annual leave allowance for a period not exceeding 365 calendar days. § 7 Use of part-time annual leave Days In the case of part-time work, the number of days of leave used shall be equal to the number of ordinary days of the week during the reference period, unless the work is carried out with a regularly reduced daily working time and the worker is on leave every working day of the reference period. § 8 Annual leave salary of employees paid monthly A worker shall be paid a normal monthly salary from the employment contract for a period of leave, in accordance with Chapter 1(7) of the collective agreement, as well as an annual leave supplement. The annual leave supplement for each day of the annual leave shall be equal to 1/250 of the total bonuses, supplements and supplements, paid or due for payment in the previous year of leave. – On-call allowance – On-call allowance – Evening bonus – Evening work bonus – Saturday bonus – Sunday bonus – On-call allowance – Night premium – Trusted and cooperative man`s bonus – Trusted man`s expenses (staff substitute) – Contribution responsible for labour protection (assistant to labour protection) § 8 bis Fixing of the annual leave allowance in the event of a change in working time and salary during a year of leave. § 12 if the worker`s working time and salary changed during the year of leave and the total change lasted at least one calendar month or 30 calendar days in one or more periods. 17 Vuosilomalaki, No. 17.

162 of the collective wage agreement applicable from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022 means remuneration for the work performed. While salaries are usually monetary, they can also include different benefits such as meals or using an apartment, car, or phone.